Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dinner Party

No go for the Drive-In this weekend. My excuse was the mosquitoes. They seem to be out in droves, earlier than usual. D can get bitten half a dozen times and won't be phased but one bite for me results in a huge welt that last a week.

I chose our particular latitude for the cottage because of previous experience farther north where mosquitoes, black flies and deer flies exists. We only get mosquitoes and usually only for the month of June and then no need for bug spray for the rest of the summer.

We are heading to a dinner party tonight. For the last few years we have developed a routine of hosting or going to them about 3 times a month. The ones hosting provides the food and the guests will bring wine and dessert.

It has made a huge difference in our pocketbooks as dinners out could easily cost $150 per couple multiplied by 3 times a month!

Luckily, our friends and I enjoy cooking and trying out different types of foods and recipes. So the results have been steadily getting better such that we don't feel like we are settling for a less good or interesting meal.

It's our turn to bring dessert and we are bringing a banana cream pie (with real banana chunks) from one of our favorite bakeries in cottage land.

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