Monday, May 25, 2009


I had the good fortune of having wonderful mentors around me during school. One of them, I just found out, has passed away, peacefully.

I am going to save what I originally was going to write about for another day because it doesn't seem important right now.

This is a welcomed reminder to be grateful for great experiences and even more so for great people.

Love the ones who love you. Stop wasting time trying to change those who will not even meet you half way.


  1. All for it !! They are simply invaluable part of you. I am always grateful to a few of my school n college teachers, who have really inspired me like no one else. I am sure, I would at least meet some of them some time in future, before we depart finally.

  2. Hi snigdha!

    They definately are. I consider them my surrogate parents!

    Also reminds me to re-contact some of them.