Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Bread

I told D last night that we ought to consider baking our own sandwich bread, pita chips and start making our own hummus. Simple stuff right? I think so.

So why haven't we done it? Because those are relatively "low cost" purchases and like most low cost purchases, it can add up over the course of a year.

Plus, I love the smell of bakeries... and enjoy trying all sorts of Artisan breads. My latest love is a cranberry (fresh) and chocolate chip honey egg bread... so so yummy... it's more like dessert!

We currently bake our own french bread but it doesn't cut into slices that great. It works best being torn off in pieces during a communal meal.

None of the above things are difficult to make. In fact, we already cook and bake dishes much more complicated. It is just another habit that has been allowed to continue unquestioned, that's all.

I'm just shining a light on it now. So I figure that if we can take care of the more everyday stuff, I can go to the bakery for the really cool things that I haven't decided to attempt yet!

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