Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hobbies Revisited

Back near Christmas, I was coming up with new goals for the year. I was questioning whether I wanted to take on yet another hobby that costs money to get into and during and after.

I am near decision time with respect to hobbies that cost money -- a lot of money (at least to me) to participate in.

So, here is what is getting the "boot" -- NO to getting my private pilot's licence. It is just too expensive and each flight afterwards will cost a bunch of money. I will stick to someone else to fly me around.

Since reading "Money Can Buy Happiness: How to Spend to Get the Life You Want" by MP Dunleavey, I have been looking at what I already have and weighing things up to the value measure inside me ie. does it really make me excited or just so so?

To do this effectively, I needed to ignore how much I spent on it and whether it was still in good condition or not. It is easy to talk oneself into keeping something just because...

Plus I am changing. There are some hobbies that use up precious resources that I simply do not feel right in consuming anymore.

The next step is evaluating hobby equipment that do not consume resources to participate in but I do not exactly wish to jump out of bed to do ie. I took it up as a challenge and it still scares me!


  1. I found your blog through comments on Daphne's blog. As you contemplate goals, it is a useful exercise to recognie the motivation for each choice you do or do not make. This draws your attention to beliefs and values you may have outgrown, not known you have or are discovering make sense. Its all quest for identity and learning about where clarity is not found. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  2. A lot of my debt was buying supplies for hobbies - painting, jewelry making and music. Hobbies are great, but you definitely have to look at the cost involved. Some can be done for rather cheaply while others are impossible without a huge outlay of cash.

  3. Thank you Liara for such an insightful comment!

    I am definately not above trying things out again to see if they "fit" anymore.

    Althought it has been sad to see myself moving away from some things, I remind myself that the memories of the fun times will still be there.

    Hi Miss M!

    Isn't it so easy to spend on creative ventures? Afterall, it is creation and a worthwhile activity! I grew up with that notion and it can be hard to question.

    And until I've gotten to this stage of my life, where I am realizing just how much effort it takes to make money, that I am weighing things so very carefully!

    Plus I am open to seeing other options that are just as fun but would cost so much. I wasn't open to that before. I had a pretty good set of blinders on!

  4. I have a hobby - cross stitch. The project I am working on now cost about $140 all up and it will take me about 3 or so years to do. That's not bad for the buck and that's many hours of work and enjoyment to be had from it...

  5. Hi lowincomelady!

    I think your hobby is extremely reasonable! And you get something that is 100% made by you! How great is that?

  6. I love hobbies which keep you busy, creative, practical and end up not costing you much at all.

    For example, I'm a geek and I like making programs and giving them away. Once the expense of my computer is out of the way, and a little electricity, it returns it's worth over and over again for more than one person :)

  7. Hi Andy;

    I am starting to think that way too -- using what I already have/ pay for to serve a second or third duty.