Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Day

I over did it. Been doing too many calculations about real estate affordability and now my brain is in a knot. The last 2 days, I have gotten off the calculator, spreadsheet and I am now starting to get back to "normal". I would like to blame my state on the detox but I know better! There is nothing that can get me wound up better than myself!

I can honestly say that I'm done with it and if it happens, then I will know that it can done well and with minimal worries. If not, I have just identified a source of money that can be used for other causes. And I already have ideas there.

Well, it is the last working day of the month. So far, it is looking like I have bettered my income goal for the month but just barely. I'll know for sure tomorrow when the month end statements come out.

This is turning out to be quite the travel year for us. We are using up travel points and flight vouchers with expiry dates. Next year may not be as colourful as we would be starting from near zero again.

In a way, with the economical slow down, it is a great year to take time off. I don't feel as stressed doing so vs. other years when I'm crazy busy and I know I am missing out on business. With things slower, there is more flexibility and accommodation and breathing room. The other day, I actually got a chance to read through a whole research journal. That rarely happens.

On another note, I have noticed some of my colleagues displaying worried looks. When they realize someone is watching, that look goes away but I caught it. Because I do not have a close relationship with those I work with, I have no idea of how close to the edge they live at and what real effects this slow down is having.

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