Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm back from Newfoundland. It was wonderful. To me, it has that even larger than life feeling. I loved it.

I followed my gut and made no appointments/meetings prior to my departure. My experience with Realtors up to now, via email and phone, left a lot to be desired so I decided I would just feel my way around on my own. (This was a solo journey)

As a believer of releasing things to the universe when faced with situations beyond my control, I was pleased when the proprietor of the Inn I stayed at connected me with a Realtor (they had worked together previously for the government) who he felt was the most honest person he knew.

So off we went, touring various areas and properties. Learned a lot and got a great feel for the different areas. Found out important things like, how far is it reasonable to drive, how nice is the drive, how it is possible to be in an area that is too barren, where the major service areas were and how different the geography can get even in matter of minutes.

Right now I'm in love with a few areas. One of which can get downright scary to drive to...and yup, I like this one the best...

Because of the last minute nature of meeting the right Realtor, we were not able to get access to all the properties that were available. But, we do have a plan in place to screen thoroughly prior to viewing.

Can you believe that ceiling height can be an issue? I never thought that would come to be but we saw a couple of places that were barely higher than 6ft. D is 6' 1''.

Other places were in very dramatic locations but the area around it had an abandoned feeling. I didn't like that.

One thing was consistent though. Any time a local person found out that I was hoping to make Nfld home, they just started beaming. The pride of the people there was contagious.

The search continues. To get what I would like may end up costing more than I had in mind. That may end up changing the timing of it all but what I know for sure is that the price of poker just went up.

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