Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to it

We buckled and used the dishwasher on the weekend after hosting a dinner party. We had been washing our dishes by hand since Dec after finding out that our energy star appliance still used more energy and water than hand washing.

On the weekend, we went to look at getting some mulch delivered for our gardens. After finding out that the delivery charge was going to cost more than the materials, we picked up some shovels and started shoveling the stuff into the back of our vehicle (over a tarp, of course!), to the tune of just 1 yard, saving the $75 delivery charge.

It took another hour to wheelbarrow all of it and spread into the various gardens and we figure that if we did that once a year, we would be in great shape and any weeding would be exponentially easier. It felt good to do work like that.

Other than that, there was a list of small organizing things that was done around the house. You know those things that you walk by all the time that you make a mental note of... like moving that vase over there would be better, or that needs to be put away, books need to be organized, that need dusting behind know, little things that don't really get in the way but add up over time. Those were done.

On a different note, I really really noticed how much healthier I am when I am on vacation than at home. I realize that things are relative and that I'm not in dire straights at home, but my home habits aren't as good, that's all.

I drink more water, I walk more and I do not tend to snack when I'm away. Perhaps I get so blown away by my new environment that I am distracted in a good way? I do eat really well as I love trying different restaurants, but I still end up losing a pound or 2.

Once I get home, I noticed that I would go back to rummaging through the pantry looking for snacks again...sigh! Maybe I have too much food temptation available here...

On financial news, I brought home $1189.65 more this month! My no tax account is getting maxed out today, net worth is inching up again and the Bank of Canada rate announcement is due out tomorrow morning.

I've also re-jigged the dream account and working accounts just in case something works out in the Nfld front. I'm considering a return trip this summer.

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