Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life Goes On

It is nice to get my computer back! For the last day or so, it was under siege by some Trojan virus which made going online impossible.

I'm amazed just how dependent I have become to the Internet. My banking gets done online, I get my news, keep in touch with friends and book trips etc.

On the flip side, I got more house organization and cleaning done while the problem was being fixed.

Good news for variable rate mortgage holders, the Bank of Canada rate went down again 25 basis points to what they are saying is the lowest it will go.

My mortgages will be at a staggering 1.35% and 1.50% respectively once my bank (hopefully) follows suit in a couple of days.

A return trip to Nfld did get booked today and I've been madly looking around for things to sell in order to support my habit... : ) D's coming this time. He wants to see what all my hype is about!

My Spanish review is going slow but steady. I've added my treadmill workout to my current bike workout and also started a homeopathic detox tonight.

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