Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

I'm getting ready for my extended Easter long weekend. I am mostly looking forward to the time, to reflect on the occasion as well as time for me. Hope to get some more reading (and less chocolate eating...) in as well.

I've secured our rental apartment in Buenos Aires and budgeted for our spending money. Next, will be looking into potential immunization requirements for the country.

Some alternative health practitioners are "anti" immunization but I am not one of them. For example, there is no cure for yellow fever. I am not willing to take that risk, even though I feel I am fairly healthy.

I am down to my last $750 left in contribution room towards my non tax savings account. Ought to be completed this month.

Am also gearing up for my Newfoundland trip. Who knows what will happen there?!

Since I've read some of James Hollis's work, I've been ultra aware of my potential pass imprinting affecting how I am now. He describes it as a necessary process to determine if you've truly "left home". Fascinating!

I'm also very excited to see what will happen this morning at my appointment. I am going to be uber tuned to my gut.

I do not plan to have access to internet over Easter, so Happy Easter everyone!!!


  1. Happy Easter! Have a great long weekend :)

  2. Happy easter, enjoy the break. Don't OD on candy!

  3. Thanks Laura and Miss M! Hope you have a fabulous Easter too! (I didn't OD on chocolate, just a handful of eggs only!)