Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sprouting Goals

We've got sprouts!!! A couple of tomatoes, all of the beans, garlic is doing really and a bunch of others that I cannot identify yet...yup, forgot to label this year... The florescent grow lights are doing a great job. This is the first year we are using them. How's everyone's seeds doing?

Talk about temptation. I just found out about a seat sale to South America. I was supposed to have gone a year ago right now as a matter of fact and have since put it on my 2010 places to see list... For the first time I've known D, he is excited about the possibility...what is the universe doing?!

D and I have been discussing the concept of our "lost dreams" -- ideas, concepts, dreams we both had growing up that we've forgotten about or cast aside because we "grew up". Anyone have any of those?

I had an idea of where I felt I ought to be by now personally, professionally, spiritually. I had ideas of how much of the world I ought to have seen by now too. And per usual, I felt that I haven't succeed in everything.

As we got discussing some more, digging out stuff from our cobbed webbed memories, integrating them with (hopefully) some wisdom gained, we concluded that things have turned out really well.

So I haven't retired yet, but semi retirement is a good balance for now. So I haven't bought that around the world ticket and used it, but I've seen on average of 2 new places a year since I graduated and started my career at the age of 26.

I've now replaced that idea with one that makes more sense -- 12 countries in 12 months -- one day! I will likely start smaller with 3 countries in 3 months but something along that line.

New ideas to take me through the next decades of my life.

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