Monday, March 30, 2009

Mattress Sets

Yesterday was a spending day. We needed to replace the mattress at the cottage. All furniture at the cottage was purchased new 5 yrs ago when we bought the cottage. The bed came from a local store which sold Canadian made mattresses.

I bought the middle of the line one and after 5 yrs, I need to see a Chiropractor after a few days of sleeping on it. This was the first thing on the list of cottage improvements for the year whether we ended up renting it or not! Recently we bought a mattress topper for it, thinking that will help. But yesterday afternoon, we found out about the annual "mix and match" sale at Sleep Country (another Canadian company) so poked in to see if it really was a serious sale or not.

Long story short, we ended up with a great salesman who dug and dug at their computer system until he found some amazing deals -- enough that we replaced our current bed at home too (which is 12 yrs old).

We bought a king size pillow top mattress and box spring set, 2008 model (matched and new) for 75% off ($633 before taxes) and a queen set of the same, 2009 model for $715 before taxes (less of a discount because it is this yrs but got discounts for being a brand new model promotion, multiple purchase, mix and match pricing but he ended up giving us the matching box spring after all for the reduced price etc.). We didn't even have to haggle about it -- which works for me as I am not known as a great haggler!

Throw in free delivery (standard) to both our home and the cottage and they will take away the old sets, the purchase was pretty much a "no brainer". Our current bed at home cost more 12 yrs ago then our entire purchase yesterday. Crazy!

This purchase will be paid by the monies in the existing "home" and "properties" working accounts. It feels good to know they are already paid for even though the purchases haven't shown up on the visa statement yet. I don't intend to have to make this type of capital purchase for another 10 yrs or so.

If you are in Canada and need a new bed, I would highly recommend you give Sleep Country a chance.

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