Friday, March 27, 2009

Quarterly Report

The first quarter is almost done. What do we have to show for it?
  • net worth (see side bar) has gone up a bit, from cash savings as well as very recent market activity
  • decided to give savings a go vs paying of mortgage more aggressively -- current amortization is 9 yrs -- due to D's insistence on paying his own way
  • drove to work once this year (so that I could carpool to a meeting), other than that, haven't driven to work since Oct '08
  • we have decided to increase our monthy cash allowance to $60 from $40, down from $80
  • am impressed enough with ING, who currently holds my non tax acct (index fund), to seriously consider opening up another registered rsp account with them
  • finished up our first ski season out west
  • bought new skis
  • replaced tires and brakes on my car
  • had a few lunch dates and dinner parties
  • received my trip documents for Alaska
  • bought flights to France for fall -- seat sale
  • working accounts are working well -- where I draw out of to pay for flights and car repairs -- current balance at $1500 each, will get to $5000 each by end of the year
  • got Cedric the Black Cat -- he seems to like being called Black Bob more...
  • went to an association meeting and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and food
  • donated to a couple of good causes
  • cooking from scratch fairly consistently -- only buying barely a handful of prepackaged food
  • started our veggies seeds
  • currently rearranging layout of house to fit our lifestyle goals better
  • revamped insurances for cottage and ski condo
  • our mortgage rates went down to 1.6% and 1.75%
  • began tracking gas, water and electricity usage monthly vs. last yr -- we have reduced our usage to between 18 - 35% -- unfortunately, the cost of utilities have gone up so our bills haven't gone down directly by the same percentage
  • already getting into the Easter chocolate...


  1. Hello MW
    You know the only way to understand if things are really working is by putting it down in black and white the way you have just done. Looking at where you have been is one way of seeing where it is possible to go - and if you really want to go there lol

    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing how your mind works and the differences of opinion you have with your other half.

    I do things similarly (and have similar reactions from my Dh) maybe not in quite so much detail but the thought that 'if I do this how will it affect that' is still relevant.

    'Cose we are already retired I don't 'worry' about things as much as I used to before hand - if it doesn't happen well so be it.

    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy!

    Thanks for your comments!

    You are absolutely right -- one of the biggest values of blogging, outside of connecting with very interesting people, is how seeing your ideas and plans in front of you.

    It has helped me in more ways than I ever would have thought!

    Have a great day!

  3. Great first quarter, you've got so much done :)

  4. Thanks Laura! I am so enjoying and benefiting from your organization tips!