Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moving Around

Most of this morning was spent tweaking the furniture layout of the house. My goal has been to move things around so there is more function without making things cluttered or have to buy something to make it work.

There has been some necessary concessions with placement of exercise equipment and spare bed. I've presented my ideal layout but it doesn't provide good enough answers for everything else. So a bit of a tug of war is ensuing.

We have a week to make a firm decision as the movers will be here to help us re-organize. (The movers we used have a service for clients where they will come back and help you re-arrange things free--this will be the first time we've taken advantage of the offer and we intend to give them a tip for their time)


  1. My house is so tiny there are no options when it comes to arrangement, everything only fits in one place! I do want a new coffee table though, ours is oversized and makes the room feel more crowded. In our old apt I came home one day to find Mr M rearranging the furniture, boy was I pissed.

  2. Hi Miss M!

    It's scary for me to think that we are potentially running out of space!

    More accurately, I believe it is that S and I need to think outside the box for furniture layout and not be influenced by design magazines!

    Change isn't easy. And change that doesn't cost money is certainly no easier!