Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Auto Club Renewal

We just got our annual renewal notice for our vehicles' roadside assistance plan. Does anyone use this? Does it exist in other countries outside of Canada and the US?

What it provides is towing services, battery boost, gasoline delivery, getting you back into your car if you locked yourself out etc.

For both of our cars, it costs $170 / yr for their "gold" plan vs. $110 for the "silver" plan.

The main differences is 2 more service calls a year and a jump from 10 km towing to 250 km. That's the point each year which ends up preventing us from going with the silver plan. (What if we are at the cottage and need to be towed home...)

Personally, I feel they set up the plan to make it a "no brainer" to chose the gold plan. I don't believe they wish to sell the silver plan at all.

I'm going to mull it over for another day before deciding what we are going to do this year. My parents have had their cars towed a number of times so they would never consider downgrading. Us, We've only ever used it for battery boosts. We've managed to make it home any other times the car sounded strange.

Any experience with having your vehicle towed over long distances?


  1. We were CAA members for years and only called on them twice when we locked ourselves out of our vehicle. We now have access to roadside assistance through our Costco membership (which is cheaper annually than CAA) and I believe we have coverage on one of our credit cards as well.

    We are mostly city-dwellers, so long-distance tows aren't really an issue.

  2. I just have the basic AAA membership ($45 yr) because I am in the city, too. There is always a nearby auto shop nearby. No need for the extended tow mileage package. Plus, in the 2 years I've had them I have only used them once due to my flat tire.

    But, whatever you do... I consider it an essential to have it. :)

  3. We have a similar plan, though our towing distance is measured in miles :) We actually used up our towing alotment the other year with two broken down vehicles. I then let our membership lapse until a few weeks I noticed my car having trouble starting and Mr M was out of town! I didn't want to be stranded so I called and renewed, of course the car turned out to be fine. For me it's peace of mind, oh and ours gives you maps for free with membership. I try to make use of that too.

  4. Hi, nothing to comment on Auto club, but have just found your blog and it's great - will be a regular visitor!

  5. Hi Money Minder!

    Thanks for the Costco tip. I am currently checking them out!

    Hi Christine!

    Thanks for your comment! I too believe some plan in place is essential!

    Hi Miss M!

    I lump this type of coverage with auto insurance etc. It is more mental for me than anything. Though I have been in a car where it needed to be winched out of a ditch!

    Hi apieceofwood!

    Thank you! I look forward to reading your blog too!