Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In and Out

My goal today is to try on all of my coats. If the fit is no longer satisfactory, they will be donated to a local store whose profits go directly back into my community. We have a desk in the basement that will go to the same place.

For the past decade or so, I've been ultra aware of what comes into my home -- purchases, gifts etc. For every piece that comes in, I look for one that goes out, so that there can be some semblance of equilibrium. Anyone else do that?

Both D and I are in (almost dire) need of new work pants. They are either worn out or no longer fitting well. If we go shopping this weekend, I would like some current pieces to go first.

One last thing that has been on my mind are sports equipment that are no longer used. I cringed when I made a call inquiring on selling them. The store's cut will be 30% if I sell on consignment and 50% if they buy it directly from me. Ouch!!!

Yet another confirmation to really think before you buy!

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