Sunday, February 22, 2009

Celebrate Good Times?

Do you celebrate "special" days or events?

I have a girlfriend who is a master at throwing together a party for anything or everything. She comes from a culture that does that. I've been to her birthday parties, post vacation slide show parties, summer solstice party, open house parties, anniversary party, grand unveiling parties etc, etc.

I, on the other hand, didn't grow up with such a custom so I am fascinated with the concept.

Growing up, it was birthdays, New Years and memorials of dead family members that took center stage each year. Birthday gifts ended after the age of 18.

As a couple, D and I started off having monthly anniversary celebrations (dessert out) of our first date. Once we decided that the extra calories weren't becoming, it became occasional. It has probably been almost 3 years since our last banana split.

Since we have been active in our retirement lifestyle shaping, we have opted not exchange gifts at all, as our life feels like one big gift anyways. Ditto for celebrating Valentine's day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day etc. etc.

As mentioned before, we still buy presents at Christmas for D's family as they are really into that but that's it each year.

Am I becoming a bump on the log? Or worse, am I getting boring?

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