Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time Out

Today was a no ski day as I was feeling tired and did not want to risk skiing without 100% energy and concentration.

Instead I got to looking at next year's calendar and my 2009 distribution of non work time.

This year the year ended with my longest chunks of time off work whereas the first half of the year had a smattering of 4 - 5 days off. Thus I am ending the year more tired because of it.

As I aim to keep monthly numbers of working days as consistently as possible (in order to maintain steady cash flow), it can be quite the exercise trying to put in a week here and there.

There is a large part of me that doesn't want to be so practical and just book trips whenever the opportunity should arise...

How do you plan for holidays/time off? Do you spaced them out evenly throughout the year or just go for it?


  1. We are creatures of habit. We try to take time off around the same time each year. It gives us flow. The school year is a big factor for us. We have to work around the kidlets.

    Hope you feel more energized soon!

  2. As a finance manager I fit the longer ones in around my work timetable and also have to take school & college holiday times into account so that the rest of the family can come too! Main summer holiday is after the year end accounts are audited and published. Another break in October half term before the budget season get going. Christmas break is at least two weeks (because we close the building, from Christmas Eve until New Year anyway) this years its three. It sounds restrictive but actually works well for us as we have some guidelines before we start.

  3. I am glad to see that I am not alone in alotting time off around "fixed" points.

    @ Money Minder -- Thanks, I do feel better! Have you found that travelling around the school year has meant higher cost?

    @ Lizzy -- That doesn't seem restrictive -- it sounds like your holidays are fairly evenly spread out and long enough to make a real impact.