Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Summary

I like ending the year with a review of my day timer. The monthly layout is the one I prefer as I like a bird's eye view. By the end of the year, my book is well worn and thoroughly covered with scribble notes of all sorts.

It never fails to amuse me just how much I managed to forget about what happened throughout the year. Most years I realized I did too much and vow to do things differently the following year.

Here is the snapshot of my 2008 month to month: (I don't know where the bullet feature went...)


-- figure skating classes started (1st time back since wrist break)
-- saw my aunt through her mastectomy (very relieved that it was benign)
-- worked extra shifts for my associate who injured herself (this was a very very dramatic injury as she managed to tear 95% of her quadriceps tendon -- believe me when I say that this is not easy to do)
-- started half course in Spanish
-- hosted 4 dinner parties
-- went out for lunch twice
-- went to Vancouver to catch up with a couple of girlfriends (one from Vancouver, the other from Tahiti) for 5 days
-- massage and chiro appts
-- made 3rd of 4th mondo landscaping payment


-- D went on a guys' ski trip
-- aced my first Spanish oral exam
-- went out for lunch and dinner with girlfriends
-- hosted 2 dinner parties
-- 4 day mini vacation to the Bahamas
-- massage appt


-- D's car acted up -- mondo repairs
-- filed taxes
-- hosted 2 dinner parties
-- canceled trip to South America (50% penalty), rebooked for Feb '10
-- booked ski trip out west
-- fell in love with resort, bought a ski condo
-- took 4, 2 hour ski lessons, nearly killed me, won't be doing that again!
-- massage appt
-- quarterly tax payment


-- not having fun with out of province real estate transaction
-- got certified in next level work course
-- 6 dinner parties
-- got married
-- got our wills done
-- 3 lunches out
-- massage and chiro appts
-- movie night out
-- paid 4th of 4 mondo landscaping bill
-- cancelled Newfoundland trip, re booked for July
-- supported Hospice and Room to Read


-- had the worst notary public experience ever
-- ski condo transaction closed successfully
-- cottage opening weekend
-- treated myself to reflexology and reiki treatments (pretty cool stuff)
-- got my hair cut
-- dental check up
-- watch repair
-- 2 dinner parties
-- went out west for 5 days to set up ski condo
-- supported War Amps and World Vision


-- high school reunion (many yrs)
-- grad school reunion (10 yrs)
-- 3 dinners out
-- massage appt
-- saw 2 plays
-- was tempted greatly to go to girlfriend's stag in Amsterdam (but alas, could not swing it)
-- supported cancer association
-- quarterly tax payment


-- saw 1 play
-- 2 dinner parties
-- redecorated cottage with new blinds
-- 2 movies out
-- replaced cottage water pump $$$
-- cancelled Newfoundland trip
-- supported autism association


-- massage appt
-- more blinds for cottage
-- haircut
-- my car acted up, replaced ball jt $$
-- 2 dinner and lunches out
-- canceled trip to Alaska (another 50% penalty) **will not be paying any more penalties... re booked for May '09
-- spent 2 weeks at home and cottage instead


-- paid for appt stay in Nice
-- exchanged euro for trip
-- quarterly tax payment
-- massage appt
-- bought season's passes for skiing
-- started blog


-- work photo shoot
-- mortgage rates are dropping (yeah!)
-- started my Artist's days
-- cottage closing
-- paid off line of credit (down payment for ski condo)
-- laptop had a big hiccup and lost my bookkeeping for the year, had to redo
-- went to Nice, France for 2 weeks
-- meeting lots of great bloggers


-- got winter tires on
-- went to 3 art exhibits
-- out for dinner 2 times


-- signed up for next level ski lessons in January
-- mortgage rates fall again
-- massage appt
-- 2 dinners out
-- secret santa at work (I was sent on a treasure hunt by mine)
-- 2 lunches out
-- used up all flight credits
-- flew out west for 2 1/2 weeks off
-- loving the views of the mountains and skiing runs that take min 1/2 hr to come down

Phew! Looking forward to 2009!

I wish each and every one of you and your loved ones my very best for the New Year!!!


  1. Hey Middle Way,

    Looks like you've had a full year! Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you feel like you've come a long way in a short time?

    A very happy new year to you and yours, and may the year bring you closer to the early retirement lifestyle of your dreams!

  2. Hi Daphne!

    Thank you! I hope you are enjoying the start of '09.

    Yes, the year went very fast. I don't usually stop and look at it so just writing the highlights was therapeutic for me.

    I want to take more time this year to reflect along the way.