Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mind Games

I'm not quite sure how it happened but I'm going to take it. We got our hydro and water bill yesterday and we finally got it below $120! It came to $88.77! (actual reading, not estimate)

For those who aren't sure why I am so excited about this--I wrote a previous post complaining about why this particular utility bill seemed so high when I felt we were utilizing the latest know how for saving energy. I still don't know what happened but we'll continue on as usual.

Anyway, I digress.

I wanted to talk about how my mind likes to play tricks on me today. I fancy myself somewhat logical minded so when the rubber hit the road and I was pulling up some of my data from the daytimer the other day, I shocked myself.

As you know, I've been working to the possibility of getting rid of my car. Since I hadn't driven to work since mid Oct, my mind made a leap and decided that I didn't need it anymore.

Here is what my denial hid from me.

After some digging, I found that I for sure drove my car at least 55 times so far in 2008. The number is higher because I know I did drive to work over the winter months since we had just moved in not long before and I was still running a lot of errands that required the car. The final tally may very well be in the 80's.

I forgot that my ski lessons and skating lessons I take are on weekday afternoons. I take my aunt who lives an hour away out for lunch during the week. I have another hobby that takes me out of town in the afternoons...Talk about selective memory.

Once I stopped shaking my head until I made myself dizzy, I proceeded to figure out if I could arrange all my afternoon, non work day activities on days my husband worked at home.

He would have to change his work at home days for me to accomplish it but I'm encountering resistance with this idea because the days he has chosen works best for his schedule...

So where does that leave me? My action plan is to track things fully for 2009 and to keep working on finding a solution with respect to my husband's work schedule.

Until then, I am coming out of the closet and admitting to driving my car!!! My first step towards recovery!


  1. You will probably notice a big drop in usage of your car for 2009 because now you will be driving it so consciously.

    Don't feel bad for having a car. If more multiple car families drove consciously, it would probably have the same effect as taking many cars off the road.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  3. I agree. Driving it consciously (or not driving it as it is), is the key to reducing emissions. I agree wholeheartedly with Money Minder - people drive for the stupidest things are the ones who are hurting the environment. Not you.

  4. Mindful driving. I like it.

    We have a car, and yes we drive it. Life is about balance, and if you are using your car for good then what is the harm if you use it some of the time.

  5. Thank you Fabulously Broke and Living My Rich Life for your insights.

    It is so easy for me to think so minutely that I lose sight of the big picture or even what makes sense!