Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Mish Mash of Everything

Today's post is a bit of everything and anything that just happened.

I woke up this morning to our Bank of Canada rate decreasing by 0.75 pts. If the banks follow suit, our mortgage lending cost will drop to 2.35% !!! In real terms, the rate change translates to about a 6 month reduction on my overall amortization, just like that!

During my daily morning online check routine, I found out that the cost of my trip to Alaska next May had dropped because the travel company has decided to drop its fuel surcharge in light on lowered oil prices !!! Savings = $ 70

My husband just sold a portable air compressor we longer needed for $ 50.

I got an email letting me know of a significant source of referrals for my business who wanted more of my business cards! I'm going to do one better and provide a one page article detailing how my services apply to their clients needs.

The mailman delivered 2 free paperback novels to my doorstep courtesy of Random House Canada. I had put my name in for a promotion in the fall and forgot all about it.

Scotiabank (where my Visa comes from) announced a chip upgrade to my next credit card that will mean that any purchase made will require a signature and a pin. Right now that's pretty common in Europe but it is nice to know we are going that way too, especially in light of my recent fraudulent experiences. I'm going to stop by the bank on my way to work to confirm the set up of my pin.


  1. Sounds like your having a great day. Don't you love when that happens!?!

    I have serious rate-envy of your mortgage!

    Hope your lucky/good news streak continues :)

  2. Thanks so much Money! For someone who doesn't play the lotto, I feel like I've won something!