Tuesday, February 20, 2018

At Present

D still went through a Sunday night dread of the Monday morning work day, even though he knew he wasn't going back. I think it will take a few more weeks before his negative emotional imprint loosens up.
Unplanned, I had what was likely my last major work related assessment (likely no longer working by the time the next cycle comes around) on the same day as D's last day of full time work.  So there was much to celebrate.  However, we were kind of snowed in, so we had a peaceful and laid back weekend instead.

I've quite enjoyed the winter we've been having.  A real traditional Canadian winter.  The snow quality has been excellent, mostly dry powder, unlike the usual damp-ish "heart attack" snow.  We've walked a lot and that has helped both our frames of mind.  

Surprisingly, neither of us are hugely concerned about the money situation, with just one of us working.  Guess it has to do with our long standing set up of being each other's back up.  On paper it made sense but feeling it in action is different.  Plus I really like having him at home.  Not having a mortgage nor any large monthly payments obviously makes a huge difference.  

Will assess how things feel with respect to my work in June (or each June), for a Dec end.  Have had a number of visual and mental scenes pop up over the last months.  Still not wanting to dwell on them as I'll instinctively jump into plan and direct mode, rather just allow myself to listen and feel.  

My gut and intuition played a huge role in was what lead to me being where I am today.  Having spent so many years using my left brain calculating and planning, I feel it is time to again allow intuition be at the forefront again to guide me through this next transition.

Not intended to help with this, I've signed up for a meditation weekend.  A first.  Not sure what to expect.  

Had my meeting with my new Dr re:  My elevated blood lipid results and she wanted have me start meds right away.  After some directed questioning and discussion, I will be getting sent for a couple of additional tests.

Plus some additional time to allow potential working of a few natural approaches before I would be willing to accept that I may be dealing with a genetic component to this issue.  Disappointed if that turns out to be the case but I know my dad has been on a statin for decades.

She is justifiably worried about damage and I'm concerned about not having the chance to try everything I can. 

Scenes from Taipei, Taiwan 
A real surprise for me
Laid back city, quiet, full of gentle people

Taken a week before the earthquakes


  1. Gosh, big changes! Congrats to D for taking the plunge and leaving his job. I hope that something much more ideal will appear, but after a well-needed - and well-deserved, no doubt! - break.

    Fingers crossed your results come back okay, at least you know you're taking care of yourself and that has to count for something. It's so easy to let our health slide in the face of having to maintain things like mortgages, bills, etc.

    And thanks for continuing to share photos of places I will never likely get to! :D Always welcome and I love to travel vicariously when I can. I limit myself to the UK at the moment, as there are so many fantastic places here to see (and, honestly? I'm a tiny bit nervous to do long-haul flights these days - never mind the sheer number of people). Anyway, thank you!

    Hope the meditation goes well, too! xx

    1. He is somewhat torn with having time and feeling guilty that he isn't working. But he is recovering from the physical exhaustion well.

      It will take more time for the mental emotional part as he's also realizing the toll his work choices has had on us.

      I have another 6 weeks before my next blood draw. Fingers crossed that enough of a difference can happen to show that it isn't all genetic.

      Haven't gotten around to writing about Taipei yet, but plan to. Glad you like seeing them! I liked it there much more than I would have thought.

      Hope your no sugar program is continuing to work well too!