Friday, July 28, 2017

Nice 2017

It was sad to see the changes to Nice this spring, as a result of the Bastille night attack.  Last year, the construction on the promenade was nearing completion and the wider walking space felt expansive.

This year, things were dug up again, as the plans were to add barriers in time for July (assuming for high season), to prevent future vehicles from entering and potentially killing more people.

Not only that, there were teams of 4 fully outfitted and armed soldiers all day, patrolling the promenade and the main street (Ave Jean Medecin).  I am sure the men and women are well qualified to respond to any untoward events but my reaction was a very strong "I don't want them here".

I've traveled to places where there were legitimate reasons to be cautious but Nice France does not, for me, come anywhere close to being one of them.  And the feel of the city has perhaps changed permanently with no indication that things will reverse any time soon.

***2nd & 3rd photos from Antibes, France***


  1. You have been busy! It's so great to be able to travel vicariously through you to all these places and the different reasons you go to them. I have to admit, I don't really have any desire to see Asia - not even a little bit! - so being able to 'travel' with you there is terrific. I DO, however, want to see Europe and am hoping that next year I'll be able to take a couple of short trips there. It would be lovely to get back to places I've been in the past and even better to get to one or two I've never seen before! Sounds like you're doing well, which is good to hear xx

    1. A little too busy this year...went a bit overboard with booking shorter trips. Trying to rein it in for 2018...key word is "trying" : )

      Have a couple more write ups to go before I'm caught up.

      No desire at all for Asia? I'm like that for anything to do with Jungle! So no Amazon or Borneo in my future.

      Hope you are all healed up and raring to go. I'm excited to hear about your Scotland trip. Would like to make it back there one day. Have great memories of eating seafood in Oban.

      Yes, I'm coming around health wise. Thank goodness! I've avoided writing about Nepal because for months, I've equated it with pain! But I'm hoping to go back at the end of 2018 so things are looking up.

  2. Well, good luck with your 'trying'! ;)

    No, not really any urge to visit Asia - or jungle for that matter, like you. I don't do heat well, so that's part of it, I'm sure, so more northerly climes are more my thing. I can appreciate their history, their culture, etc. but it just doesn't grab me for some reason.

    My poor toes are in bad shape (my big ones) and show no sign of healing but I suppose it's a slow process and they will eventually. I've had to curb my Scotland trip this year and am only meeting Jane in Edinburgh - I'm having to save for my move & initial costs this year. Not a bad thing, though, and I'm eager to hear about her adventures when I see her. Edinburgh will be terrific!

    I hope you continue to improve and can return to Nepal and make different (healthier!) memories! :) xx

    1. Definitely empathize with delayed healing in the foot area. It's not like you can just stop walking and rest it full time.

      Understand the need to rejig things; the upcoming move is a big one, especially with all those fees! Hope your viewing last Thursday finally happened.

      Here's to a healthy and exciting future!