Sunday, July 16, 2017

In Progress

  • All my registered holdings have finally been transferred over to the new account.  Was granted an extension on the "free trades" I was supposed to receive, as well as a reversal of yearly account fees (on top of transfer fee) due to the delay of the whole process.  Finally reaching a customer service agent who was actually capable of doing something and sticking with her has made all the difference.  The first group of settlements are expected to come through next week.
  • Reached 7 km on the treadmill rehab.  Goal is 10 km, 3 - 4 times a week.  Slowing adding back rowing and biking on top of body weight exercises (not a joyful experience, have lost so much conditioning).  However, amazing what can happen when I actually follow instructions of icing and stretching...No one to blame but myself.  Am such a poor patient!  Incidentally, seeing "Wonder Woman" has super boosted my motivation -- I expected a great performance from Gal Gadot but wowza..Robin Wright!
  • Meeting with a realtor to get an appraisal on our cottage.  Have been getting increasingly disenchanted with sitting in the car for even a few hours.  With the amount of flying I do and being around high densities of people for extended periods of time (why airline lounges are such a wonderful reprieve), I've developed less patience with being on the road.  
  • Plus I've turned into a real homebody during my non travel times.  So the idea of driving across the country a couple times a year as a retirement option isn't appealing anymore.  Probably makes no sense, but if I'm going to sit that long, I want to be flying somewhere.  Of course the potential sale opens the whole capital gains can of worms.
  • I wish I could say D's work life has settled but it hasn't.  It has escalated once again, not just for him but his whole department.  They cannot seem to find any peace there and everyone is working insane hours.   
  • Our summer plans have had to change.  We were supposed to spend the end of it out west.  Got notice that the construction of our building parking lot will not be completed until October.  I refuse to stay in a noisy construction zone.  New plans (tentative still) will involve trekking, so I need to be able to do it.  Not a whole lot of reasonably priced options last minute so if we go, I will be using a bunch of points to get us there.  Already got dinged with cancellation fees on the airfares out west.

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