Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Life Lately

  • Happy that the quote and work for my car repair has finally been completed.  The cost came very close to what I had put aside, so that worked out just fine.  Turned out I had to replace the 2 front bearings as well (included in the quote), which I questioned as our previous symptom experience with similar repairs did not match at all.  
  • They were right that it needed it as when they corrected what I felt was the main issue first, there was still some sound.  The most surprising part was finding out that I could have a bearing problem and not feel anything shaking, compared to previous vehicles we have owned.
  • Am currently quite captivated by "Captain Fantastic".
  • I've been trying hard to squeeze in a return to Palestine this year but it is not looking possible.  Really want to stay at "The Walled Off Hotel".  D questions whether that would be in line with wanting an easier travel year...Hope the hotel continues to operate into 2018+.
  • Awaiting 3 more stocks to be transferred to my new investment account.  Sent an inquiry as to why it was taking so long.  I've put investment plans on hold until everything shows up.  Update:  One stock showed up this morning.
  • I'm quite enjoying my shorter trips.  Having fun places to look forward to more often.  Energetically feeling quite well and experiencing a high level of focus, despite dealing with a minor head cold right now.
  • Looking at a couple of tougher locale flights previously booked way in advance on points.  Not convinced I'll have enough energy to tackle them but have the option to cancel without penalty, so trying not to let its presence pressure me.  Update: Cancelled one of the bookings.  
  • I've signed up for a surf camp next winter.  Will give me the impetus to continue training as it kinda scares me quite a bit.  Fortunately there is time to get ready.
  • If I want to, there are opportunities to participate in a couple of homestay immersion experiences.  One lifestyle related and the other language related.  
  • Unexpected car event occurred recently on my way home (D's car) from a flight in the wee hours of the morning.  The steering wheel became super tough to turn.  Cannot believe I made it home.  Thank goodness I was driving at a quiet time as I could barely stay in my lane when making a turn.  Made it into my driveway just as the steering column completely seized.  
  • Vehicle has since been towed to the dealership as refilling the steering fluid (advice from dealership) did not work enough to safely drive it ourselves.  On the way there, one of the tow truck dollies dropped and consequently the one tire dragged and blew up.  You can imagine how the news would have affected us, when the call arrived while we were shopping at a sports store for a warmer sleeping bag for me.
  • We now have a loaner car for approximately 4 days while the part is on order.  D's not impressed with the Nissan Sentra.  He claims he can accelerate faster in his mountain bike than that car is capable of...
  • Learned something out of this -- Please check your roadside assistance plans carefully.  D switched us to one that came with his credit card a few years ago that looked like it was comparable to what were had at the time.
  • But when it came right down to it, we weren't able to request towing up to 250 km to the destination of our choice (dealership), but was only eligible to the nearest authorized mechanic, which could be up to 250 km away... big difference.  Needless to say, we will either be switching back to our old company or self insure.  
  • The extra distance to the dealership cost us $155 out of pocket.  Our old plan cost $199 a year.


  1. Cars! There's always something. You might as well live in them sometimes with the amount of money they eat up! Surf camp sounds fun - Tofino, perhaps? They have a great women's surf camp. And, well, Tofino :D

    Sounds like you're doing and feeling well overall. It's good to hear. Small trips can be more motivating and reinvigorating than longer ones I'm learning. I'm taking more trips this year, but spacing them over long weekends and it really is terrific. Look forward to your usual beautiful photos and adventures. xx

    1. We just got word that it will be fixed for tomorrow, so we'll see then what it will end up costing. D's pretty frustrated and would like to buy new... but realizes that it is still cheaper to fix...

      I did look at Tofino! Then happened upon some schools in Mexico (where we were booked and had to cancel when D needed to go in for hernia surgery) and then Peru, where I'll be heading to -- Believe it or not, at about half the cost of Tofino, even including the flight to Lima and I get to visit a new country!

      Will be continuing the trend of shortish trips for next year as well. I'm not quite ready for any place too demanding yet -- Even the thought of some locales make me feel weary and stressed, so know I still need a bit more down time.

      Am pretty behind with my travel posts -- Will get caught up soon!

      Happy healing and can't wait to see what is in store for you and your move!