Saturday, May 13, 2017

It's Over

After much angst, it has been decided that D will not continue to pursue new job opportunities.  Rather than endless dwelling on how much his current position isn't ideal, instead focus on continuing to lay further foundations supporting our current and future life.  

The current reality isn't bad or tragic or truly difficult.  He isn't underpaid.  His ego may be taking a hit right now but there isn't any real harm.  And the cost of creating an upheaval in our life isn't worth the extra amount of income or perceived glory of yet another job conquest.

Income is a driving factor for many of us, me included, up to an extent.  But neither of us are in the early stages of our career or marriage, where you are building and would consider more drastic changes for the sake of more money or career growth.

There comes a time where we just need to put our heads down and finish what we started.  And this is one of those times.  It has taken many years of work to get to this place in our lives where we have a good amount of recreation and freedom.  Why mess with it?

I'm not about to watch it get torn, however temporarily for non necessary reasons.  And do not wish to entertain any more discussion of work changes unless something untoward were to happen.  This topic has been beaten to death over the past decade and it needed to be put to rest.


  1. You sounds thoroughly fed up MW but good decision made i feel xx

    1. Thanks Lizzie!

      Yes, it has been a long time coming... Necessary to finally get there.