Sunday, April 23, 2017

D & His Career

It's like a bad soap opera.  You can tune in years later and it's the same old theme but the characters are sporting updated clothes and hair.

So despite work being far easier than before and feeling like he is way overpaid for what he has to do, there are a number of items that still bother him.

  • He doesn't feel like he is being challenged in the way that was specified at the interview.
  • His position has morphed into a role that he wasn't hired to do, due to sudden increases in work load.  Everyone is feeling it in their office right now.  New hires are supposed to start soon...
  • He is getting really tired of having to work nights and weekends.  Even a 3 hr stint, done often enough is going to interrupt flow of life.

D knows that I am seriously tired of his various work issues over the last decade.  And I honestly don't think I'll ever understand his field and the chaos that seems to always crop up no matter how calm it is at the start.

He has come to terms that no matter where he works, it will eventually suck.  So, his new thinking is to consider contract for the remaining years of his work with the idea that he might as well get paid more for it as it is going to be bad anyways.  He had already ruled out working contract after full time work ends.

Here's the thing.  The position he has come across will take him consistently out of town for 4 - 5 days a week.   It will always be to one location though, reachable by car but requiring overnights for the duration of the week.

Obviously, I'll have to take on more of the daily housework etc.  Am not keen on the amount of driving he would have to do, especially in the winter.  However he is quite adept at it.  It's more my mental issue.  I'm glad he doesn't have to fly for this job as I really don't believe he is cut out for that type of work travel.

The saga continues...


  1. Never commented before, but a long time lurker. Think we are about the same age group, and what D is experiencing is exactly what my husband has experienced over the past 8 years since he took a permanent position. Too much time is spent measuring how we are doing, even though it makes no difference. Reviews are more for show than fact. Prior to going full time my husband was a contractor for 14 years and loved it. You show up, you do the job and you get paid for every hour you work. No need to get drawn into review cycles, office politics or the games that get played.

    1. Hi Toula;

      Thank you so much for sharing what your husband has been going through. Eight years is a long time to keep your eyes on the prize in the midst of frustration and pressure. What are his plans moving forward? Am assuming he feels it has been worth it?

      D doesn't have too many peers to chat with about this. They are all happy to put in 20-30+ hours over weekly as they want to climb. He still enjoys to a certain extent what he does but has no real control over the amount of it.

      This potential position is supposed to be a highly structured work environment, that is not supposed to involve overtime nor an issued cellphone. Will this make enough of a difference? I don't know. And neither does he as he is getting quite tired.

      A couple of his interviewers were about his age and joined within the last 3 years. They were able to give him some feedback as to the realities. Right now it sounds a bit too good to be true, if you know what I mean?

      I have to believe that they have no reason to misrepresent things as the next step is a lengthy and costly security check, on their dime.

      Time will tell. His timeline is around 4 1/2 years. It would be great if it could play out without anymore upheavals and could end on a more positive note.