Friday, August 7, 2015


The weather we've had so far this season has been perfect for me.  Barely needing AC at all.  Love being able to open the windows and have cooler temperatures for sleeping at night.

Am getting better at riding longer on my bicycle as well.  D's pretty pleased with it even though it is nowhere as long nor as fast as he likes to ride.  He just enjoys that we can do more things like that together.  Normally I have no patience with longer than 10 km worth of distance for anything outside of hiking.  But with the right incentive (like ice-cream cones along the way...) I can be talked into it.

I wish I could say we are done with the small nuisance things related to the car (and D's new computer) but we are still experiencing a small amount of leaking during a rainstorm.  D's bringing it back in again and they are going to re-install the windshield again...fingers crossed.  A second different laptop has since been purchased and he is hoping it will not manifest any weird ticking noises...

On the other hand, I've had a fairly easy going summer.  Work has slowed down somewhat to a moderate pace which I've welcomed.  Other than getting brakes replaced, my vehicle is running well.  And my computer has been consistent with its occasional strange behavior.

Most of my focus has been on preparation for the next Habitat build.  It will require that I be in really good physical shape -- No one has officially told me that but judging from the other members on the team, who are not only much older in age (at 43 years old, I'm the baby on the team) but in far superior physical shape, I am feeling like I need to step up my game big time.  So have been feeling extra sore as of late.

I've spent the least on flights this year compared to the previous few years, thanks to digging deep into my points balance.  Because it is now going to take "forever" to accumulate points now with the new rules, this spending spree will be unique to this and next couple of years.  Sure, I could have saved them for when we "retire" but where's the fun in that?  I am going to go while I still can and want to.

We recently had lunch with D's parents, me not having seen them for a couple of years.  It was the best gathering I've ever had with them, with no negative after effects (usually a week's worth of anger at least).  We are even talking about getting together again before Christmas -- A first!

I'm not going to psychoanalyze things too much and just leave it at that.  Pleasantly surprised to say the least for both D and I as he is usually on pins and needles for the fallout from me.  Poor guy, I tell him he should have married a more "normal" and "tolerant" person.

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