Friday, July 24, 2015


  • We've hopefully had the last of the small car issues that seem to be plaguing us in the last months.  Turns out that the seal of the new windshield wasn't as complete as it ought to have been so after a particularly strong rain storm, it dripped inside on my left foot as I was driving to work.  It got fixed, with apologies and no charge, shortly after.  The foam they sprayed in to check for leaks was neat. 
  • The above was preceded by software reprogramming that was required for the same vehicle (the new to us one).  It was for the rev matching, where at low speeds, the car shifts rougher than it should.  It made me feel like I was sitting with some learning to drive standard.  Apparently the original factory program wasn't as good as it should be and there was a technical bulletin put out with a better one.  Again, just one hour at the dealership and no charge.  Not sure why the previous owner hadn't dealt with it.  Now that it has been done, it drives like a completely different car -- More aggressive -- We like it!
  • I'm finally feeling settled inside after Palestine and Israel.  In fact, I've just returned from a new destination for me that some people would consider "dangerous" and it didn't even register for me on the worry meter.  It ended up being much more of a vacation than expected.  That feeling of knowing you've been stretched once again, is pretty cool.
  • I have to start taking care of myself better.  I'm feeling achy more often than I'd like. Forgetting to stretch, be strict with my eating etc.  makes a real difference to me and I know better.
  • Looking forward to having a low key rest of the summer!  We'll have a lot more cottage time this year along with a return trip to Bangkok and it will be great.
  • D is still putting in way too many hours but will be getting lieu time for it.  He desperately needs a vacation and is looking forward to some upcoming time off.
  • I got something unexpectedly fun in the mail the other week, from my bank.  It was a letter with a small envelope of confetti, in anticipation of the celebration that will come when the mortgage gets completed later this year.  They also wanted me to call them for some reason.  D thought it is to try and talk me into borrowing more money.  It ended up being about the mortgage discharge vs.  keeping the home equity LOC in place.  But that would mean no formal discharge of the mortgage.  Incidentally, a formal discharge will mean a $200/yr savings on our house insurance. 
  • Not sure whether I'll continue with archery.  I haven't been missing it even though when I'm there, it's good.  I've had a lot going on lately and it could be just that but time will tell.
  • Got a notice from the tax department asking for copies of my charitable receipts for the last tax year.  I exceeded what I usually donate by a significant amount so I'm not surprised that it triggered a check.  You can upload scans of receipts so that made for an easy procedure.  Am assuming I'll get a closure letter in time.
  • D's laptop suddenly died so it was a bit of a mad scramble to get a new one.  Neither of us would have guessed that his would die first, considering the way mine had been acting. 
  • I've recently interviewed and have been offered a spot on my next Habitat build team.  

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