Thursday, May 1, 2014

Iconic Places 2

A 2 day trek here, at the tail end of the Himalayas.
Early morning clouds and mist.

Indigenous hill tribe -- Black Hmong. 

First day was 15 km with fairly easy terrain.
Lots of time to look around and appreciate, passing many villages.

Day 2 -- Not many pictures after this,  
as next portion of trail (7 km) became all downhill and challenging.
Had it been raining (often), we'd be sliding down on our behinds in mud.
Wear hikers with good tread, if you decide to come to Sapa.
Rubber boots are available for rent or buy at most hotels.
Or you can rock the trails with plastic slippers like the locals,
who managed better than any one of us!


  1. I have to say that you do make me have a touch of the little green monsters sometimes (envy!) but you are helping build up my to do list!

    1. The cool thing about you Lizzie, is that I know you'll really go when you get the chance -- And the time will come!