Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Iconic Places 1

I wasn't going to come all this way and not make it here.

 The madness that is Halong Bay.
On our way to the ship but not before getting hit by that boat coming our way.
Bounced off and both of us just kept going like nothing happened...

These women work very hard. 
Smaller one person row boats full of stuff to sell
come around to all anchored ships.

What you miss from a photo is the sounds and smells -- Diesel.

Right outside my cabin.  Bringing fresh water at 6 am.

If you have a chance to go, take the 2 night cruise. 
The second day is much more relaxing, less regimentation.

I loved how the fog and mist brought such a mysterious quality to the Bay.
This was day 2 and had the day boat all to myself.
Stayed outside on deck all day despite the rain and drizzle.
Having full rain gear made all the difference.

Oyster/Pearl farm and museum.

There are wild monkeys on this island and I saw some unbelievable
behaviour by some parents urging their young children to get up close to them.
All I can say is Rabies, people!!!  It only takes a lick...

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