Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Old Switcheroo

The shifting around of furniture in the upstairs of our house has begun.  Back in the fall our goal was to change the layout of things so I could have a better work out area and to maximize use of half of the downstairs for us rather than our occasional guests.  There would still be plenty of room for friends in the other half. 

Despite living in an old house, we have fairly open spaces.  Ceilings are 10 - 11 ft high and the upstairs landing complete with a double door hall closet is the size of a small bedroom.  Some time ago, there were 4 bedrooms but the 4th (maid's quarters) was renovated into what is now my walk in closet and ensuite, giving us a 3 bed and bath house. 

Our windows are fairly substantial, 8 ft high, so light is ample, contrary to a lot of older homes.  We are doing our best to keep those original windows in tip top shape because to replace them would cost a significant percentage of the cost of the house.  The moldings around them (wood) are a foot wide.  Window coverings cost us a small fortune -- 27.

There are also 2 stair cases.  A main curved one and the simple "servant's" one leading to the kitchen.  There used to be 3 fireplaces as well.  Only one original has survived.  The other two were taken out to create a wall for floor to ceiling kitchen cupboards. 

By switching our 2nd bedroom with our office, I am able to space out my exercise equipment and desk and create a better sleeping area at the same time.  Why did it take 5+ years of living here for us to figure that out???  Even our bedroom feels better with a different reading chair and ottoman. 

We are considering not bothering with a new bulb when our projector times out.  Instead, going with an LED TV for our movies instead.  Smaller footprint and better use of a downstairs space.   D has a number of interested buyers for the projector right now but I'm not convinced of spending money on a TV right now.  Somewhere down the line we will likely need to buy a new couch to replace one I've own since my single days. 

It is so easy to be tempted to move to a modern house that has a more "currently accepted" layout because of how easy it is to visualize placement of furniture.  By finding a great solution upstairs, we save ourselves the 100+K it would cost to buy said modern house and helps us realize the potential of our current house. 

I guess at the right price, there can exist a "perfect" house.  When you are like me, and do not wish to pay for it, then you need to get creative.  The upstairs was the easy floor.  The downstairs layout will be far more challenging. 

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