Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Humbling Craziness

Don't know if I'm fighting something but I've been feeling a bit out of sorts.  Enough to drive into a mini snow bank today when I knew it was there.  That's after I managed to fall over a stool at work!  It was a slow motion one where I had some time to figure out how to fall "appropriately" and ended up feeling looser afterwards.  To top it off, I left a burner on our range on.  Luckily D was home. 

It's times like these that keep me from ever feeling like I've got the upper hand in anything.   How could I not be humbled when I can only stall a standard car going in reverse?  D didn't think it was possible.  Or how I spent this ski season getting used to new skis and boots and if you could have seen my first couple of runs, you'd think I'd never skied before.  We're talking crab arms and pizza legs!

To help balance out the craziness, my ballet class today went well and I didn't limp home.  The violin lessons are going pretty good despite the skin on the tips of my fingers peeling off.  My sight reading has been a saving grace in many an occasion.  No art this semester.  We are taking a break from additional driving this winter.  The Architect and I tied for the highest mark in the class.  D got a very respectable B. 

It's a good thing I'm not much of a drinker.  And I have some travel to look forward to. 

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