Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wildlife Update & Another Documentary Recommendation

Relief washed over us when the first words out of our wildlife animal guy was "I don't know what kind of plumber you have working for you...". 

Apparently we have plumbers who are afraid of spiders (been there for as long as the cottage has been around we're sure) and ones who cannot tell a real animal threat from a false or old one.

There were no signs of anything living in the crawlspace.  There may have been a mole at one time who dug underneath the foundation and got in (based on some really old poop) but no tracks in the snow or anything current that required a trap or plugging of holes. 

As for spraying for spiders, it can't be done because of our proximity to 2 streams.  He would lose his license.  He didn't even recommend us using Raid under there for fear of seepage and we agreed with him. 

The plumbers we use are the biggest outfit in the area and after 9 seasons of openings and closings we have decided to look for someone new not solely due to this incident but because we would prefer to work with a company that doesn't come across as abrupt.  I have less patience than D so when he has had it, I know it is time. 

On a much scarier note, here's a link to another documentary for you, about genetically modified foods, their origins, the politics around them and their (our) developing future.  A great place to start if you are wondering what they are about and if you would want to eat it.  The film was made a number of years ago and what it showed was frightening enough.  Can you imagine what is going on now?


  1. Good morning MW.

    We too have had a variety of none 2-legged creatures living below our cottage over the years. Not quite as scary or ferocious as spiders however... just raccoons, then skunks and then a family of foxes. No worry about getting below to shut off water as we are yet to have running water to the building.

    It's a good thing given the delay in your plumbers ability to shut off your system that you haven't had frozen pipes given some of the cold night time temperatures we have had over the last several weeks.

    Just finished watching 'The Future of Food' that you linked. Frightening to think that our western wisdom has dictated that bigger is better not to mention the scary thought of all that concentration in just a handful of companies. Glad we are able to make choices and support our local and where possible organic food sources. Regrettably not everyone has that opportunity.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. @ Sailing;

    Thank you for taking the time to check it out. My assumptions that "everything is mostly good or OK" have been royally challenged. Right now I'm feeling pretty paranoid but I believe once my internal dust settles, an even clearer plan will follow.

    I don't know if the online verson included a snippet of a panel discussion where Michael Pollan answered an audience question about why organic food costs more wonderfully after a showing of the movie in San Francisco. If I can find it, I'll include the link in a future post.

    How did you handle your furry squatters? How did they get in?

    Speaking of paranoia, I am now hoping the plumbers did a thorough job of clearing the water despite their phobias. Won't know until the spring. They did it the 2nd week of Nov and we were told they wouldn't come back until we took care of the spider and animal issues just recently.