Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Man vs Nature

It has been an "interesting" week so far.  We got a message from the plumbers who usually close up the water at the cottage.  Apparently we have something living in the crawlspace -- porcupine or raccoon?  They didn't actually see it and didn't stay long enough to figure it out.  But they will not return until we get it handled.  Which doesn't leave us much to go on. 

The cottage is built on a concrete foundation so we aren't sure how anything of that size could get in.  The most obvious way would be from a loose ventilation vent.  There are 4 around the perimeter.  There is also a trap door leading to the crawlspace that something might have eaten through so we really won't know until we see it for ourselves. 

Until we can get up there, we have a local animal guy on the case and hopefully he will find signs and can set a trap.  It's somewhat easier right now as they just got a good dumping of snow (tracks).  With any luck, we might have good news by the end of the week.  Nature is strong willed, especially at this time of year when it is getting cold and everything is looking for shelter.  Basic survival 101.

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