Thursday, December 27, 2012

Update From The Mountain

I have more to say about Munich but we are dealing with Internet issues (we are using a neighbour's connection for the time being) and am waiting for a technician to arrive.  Not impressed as this is the 3rd time in the last year we've had issues. 

They are the only game on the mountain and for some reason we are getting "kicked out" by the system when they are doing maintenance on other accounts.  I don't know what's really going on.  D needs Internet to work remote. 

In other news, remember how D's bonus last year ended up getting fully taxed because the paperwork to get it sheltered didn't get confirmed properly?  It has been corrected for this year so we are set.  D's yearly review went really well and because his performance "rating" went up, so did his bonus by 30%.   He calls it blood money as this was the toughest year he's ever had in his career. 

Since the money is going to be sheltered, the tax refund will serve as additional savings to be sheltered again.  We've also decided to stop saving money in a non registered account for the time being and concentrate on maxing out D's tax sheltered account as he has a lot more unused room than I do.

Visibility on the ski hill is not so good today due to low clouds so I'm staying put to deal with administrative stuff while D is out giving it a go anyway -- Not surprised.  He's much more intrepid than I.  It's a busy day as many people are still off for the holidays as kids won't be going back to school until Jan 7th. 

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