Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Trees & Happy New Year

I am ending the year stronger than last and am excited for the year to come. 

Wishing You All a Healthy, Happy and Joyous New Year!

Leaving you with some Winter Inspiration.  It has been a great snow season up here.


  1. It looks beautiful! Happy New Year!

  2. Great photos... envious. We skied at Blue Mtn on New Year's Eve. Not quite the same amount of snow. Our son who works in Whistler has been boarding now for a couple of months and I believe the scenery on Whistler/Blackcomb looks similar to where you are.

    Enjoy the skiing and safe return the East. May the year 2013 be your & D's best yet!

  3. Thanks Laura. Most days it doesn't seem real. Happy New Year to you too!!

    @Sailing; Wishing you the very best for 2013. Will you be heading west to ski this season?

    1. Hi MW: So many options... Daughter # 3 is heading out next week to Vancouver, then to Australia for work/vacay (up to a year) which may include a side trip to Thailand for a month, then home via Ecuador. (We'll finally be empty 2 dogs + 2 cats) Son #1 (Whistler guy) is talking about heading to Australia/New Zealand in May; again for 1-2 yrs, then to Brazil for either the Olympics or World Cup (He lived in Brazil for a year while 18 on a Rotary Youth Exchange). We may defer hdg west to travel down under to see 40% of the kids. Busy day... just got back from dropping Son #2 at airport...starts new job in Slave Lake tomorrow morning in oil patch. Also considering a B'day trip for DW to Guatamala see link to 6 day trekking trip (

      Daughter #1 heading on 3 wk backpacking trip thru Ecuador mid-Jan and daughter #2 Florida bound in Feb with her boyfriend... so

      it's only reasonable the parents should travel...that's my argument in favour of a trip at this time. (Can't rule out a trip west for skiing though) All that powder in your photos is a might strong inducement.

    2. I'm seriously impressed! You managed to raise 5 kids who are not afraid to go out into the world. That's not an easy feat. I was tired just reading what everyone is up to! Of course it is your turn to travel. Show them how it's done... (and you wonder why I thought you'd make a great blogger?)

      Thanks for the link. Wow, are they are doing some great things. Have you made a decision?

      My photos (village level) do not hold a candle to the ones D recently took as he will venture to places much higher and scarier with much more snow than I.
      If I can get myself organized, I'll post some.

      Our flight home had one of the scariest landings (pilot pulled up last minute so we thought landing was aborted but turned out we came down/was blown down too fast) so am glad to be on the ground (for now). The combination of high winds and both wings covered in ice was scary.