Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rentals 103

Some final misc points worth noting:
  • Double glazed windows are a must for us when fronting a busy street.  Street noise can be significant and not being able to open doors to balcony or windows can take away from the holiday experience.
  • Might seem great to be near the local square with Cathedral or Ancient Church.  But the bells may be strong enough to shake your pen off your night table.  We previously stayed in a great apartment in the wrong area.  Hourly bells that shook your mind from 7 am to 9 pm...
  • Being near a bus or train station may seem convenient but those places (depending on the wealth of the city) are typical hang outs for the unemployed, homeless, pickpockets and drug dealers.  We tend to transit out of those areas quickly.
  • Laundry facilities in Europe are typically found in kitchens.  Ease of plumbing perhaps?  Sometimes in the bathroom.  The machines can be combo ie. washer and dryer in one.  As a warning, it will take about 4 hr to wash a load???!!!  We still haven't figured it out despite reading many manuals.
  • WiFi is something we are finding more and more.  It's nice to be able to check flight status and check in.  Saves time at the airport.
  • As you will not be given unlimited paper products in your rental apartment, be prepared to buy and transport toilet paper that may be pink and packaged in the largest possible footprint!  Kleenex isn't commonly found by default in a lot of places either. 
  • Check reviews of the apartment to glean valuable info re:  nearby supermarkets, quality of walking streets, safety etc.
  • Some European city rentals will insist on charging for utilities, taken out of the security deposit at the end of your stay.  We tend to avoid such rentals.  I like one price.
  • Black out blinds in the bedroom can make a huge difference in your quality of sleep.  Same with having a bedroom that faces an inner courtyard.
  • We prefer apartment locations to be in areas where we can walk to almost everything.  It's usually cheaper to stay 30 min by bus or train ride away but after a long fun day, do you want to commute or stroll home?

    The infamous Church and its deafening Bells. Nice, France.

    I wasn't lying about my old hotel pen habits.  Not any more!

    Well I'm off to start my long weekend.
    Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Readers!

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