Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mini Rant

This last month has been filled with more than the usual number of days where I am "earning" my money instead of  'making" it.  My work load has been tough and my mind is finding it difficult to unwind the knots that have been twisted into it. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, I happen to do work that is useful and helpful.  Lives have been changed from what I can do.  It makes it hard to walk away completely from this job.  Plus my income is high enough to allow me minimal work hours.

On a good day, I enjoy the problem solving aspect.  On a difficult day, I dread going to the office as I know what it will require of me and what it will take from me and how I will be by the end of the day.  It's a good thing I don't drown my emotions with alcohol, drugs or food (anymore!).

Some days I wish I didn't work directly with people.  To do something with less responsibility and accountability.  No answers today.  Just letting off some word steam.


  1. I''m sorry to hear you're having a rough month. I very much feel your pain. I am in a helping profession and most days I love it, but some days it wears me out and I fantasize about doing something that doesn't require the same level of emotional intensity. I hope your workload eases up in the coming days/weeks. In the mean time, try and take care of yourself-it's the only way to keep making a difference for others.

  2. @ psychsarah; Thank You So Very Much for those Kind Words. I am definitely in need of them right now and you couldn't have been more accurate. Going to be tweeking my work schedule slightly asap. Glad I am taking art classes too. Need to use a different part of my brain as relief from the too intense left.

    Do you have any tried and true stress relieving tips?