Thursday, October 25, 2012

How Far Would You Go?

My friends don't all know I'm a luddite.  So when I received a gift from a buddy yesterday in the form of an Interac e-Transfer (that was not the issue) of some money to buy a BB app, I cringed at what it will likely take to make this wonderful gesture into reality.

I just spent almost 2 hours downloading, upgrading software, syncing my phone with my laptop, getting IDs set up and rejected, and finally buying this app that is supposed to remind me of our youth.  I'm still not sure just how I'm going to get billed for this as I chose paypal and never did log in with any info but was told I've bought it and am listening to it right now.  I'm assuming it will show up on my monthly bill. 

The app I bought was for a German techno radio station.  And the buddy who was trying to cheer me up was my perennial clubbing partner back when we were in school.  He lives at the other end of Canada with his family and we've been reminiscing about the simplicity of our student days and catching up on our respective life challenges and struggles. 

D is going to send him an email saying "Thanks...MW is wanting to dye her hair burgundy now after listening to that station..."  To which I replied that R has seen my hair many different colours so it wouldn't surprise him.  To which he said "But I've never seen that...".  True.  That feels like many lifetimes ago. 


  1. I briefly considering tattooing my head with a henna design when all my hair first fell out. Fortunately, the desire faded fast.

  2. If I'm thinking of the right thing, henna tattoos will fade over time? So even if you had gone ahead with it, it wouldn't have been permanent.

    But, having reading about you and how you approach life with such gusto, I believe you would have been able to pull it off well!