Monday, October 22, 2012

Back So Soon?

No, the trip wasn't shortened, it didn't end up happening.  Some stuff came up last minute that required both our attentions and such as life...It resulted in some loss of money and gained some travel credits as the cancellation was not something that qualified for a travel insurance claim.  You win some, you lose some.  Am pleased at least the timing is such I was going to be off anyways. 

So obviously no thoughts about potentially living out east to share other than I am quite content where I am right now.  My life feels full and challenging (in a good way) which helps to balance the times when it is not.  I'm also not itching to get away or antsy because I couldn't go which for me is rare.  Things are evolving inside. 

Instead relief was what I felt when the news came as I was scrambling to pack.  I didn't want to be dealing with stuff via Blackberry and computer while away.  The last time I did that was when I was in Iceland.  Despite it turning out to be a phenomenal trip, I felt torn and didn't wish to experience it again.

I will have an opportunity to finish up some small projects at home which have been pushed aside way too frequently especially this year with the amount of great travelling (super grateful!) that did happen.  Plus get a sense for what it feels like to actually stay at home while D works.  See if I like the novelty of being a pretend 'kept woman' for a couple weeks...

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