Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Last Trips 2012

For better or worse, my last solo trip of the year will be out to the east coast.  There is a chance I'll run into foul weather, remnants of hurricanes like what is currently hitting Newfoundland.  If I do, it will give me a real idea of whether I'd enjoy living in the Atlantic maritime zone.  D thinks it has the makings of a real adventure....and that's why the house is sending me...

Remember how we worked through the possibility of living and working out west last winter?  Well, this will be the same research idea out east.  D can keep his job and live anywhere in Canada.  I just have to figure things out my end.  He trusts my judgement so off I will go to get a feel for things.  I have a travel voucher for the train to use up so this trip will involve trains, planes and boat.

We have decided not to return to France this fall because I stumbled upon some "free" flights using our Skymiles points taking us back to Munich in Dec just in time for the Christmas Market.  We will be staying in the same apartment as last visit -- Lucky to get reservations as it is busy there.  Got a loyalty discount too!

Holiday season (mid Dec til after New Years) is considered high season and if I hadn't been playing around with the search engine, I wouldn't have found them.  It is usually impossible to get those flights for 60K points when the lowest points required for Jan/Feb flights (low season) were 75K+. 

Don't know if it was a computer glitch but we took it.  If you were to buy those flights, they would cost $1500+ each.  Whereas we just paid taxes of $180 each.  Thanks for the early Christmas gift Skymiles!  I cannot even begin to describe D's excitement.  Munich is currently his favourite place. 

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