Monday, September 10, 2012


You are probably sick and tired of hearing me talk about the heat on my last trip but I do want to mention it one last time.  Before you label me a weather wimp, I want to say that our summers at home are usually really humid and prior to my departure, we were experiencing 35+ degrees Celsius temps alone before humidity.  So I thought I wouldn't have as much trouble overseas since The Weather Network was showing similar numbers for the places I would visit.

Boy was I wrong.  Heat felt different there.  When we see humidity numbers in the 30 - 60%, even if the temps were 30 degrees Celsius, we would have our windows open at home.  When they say humidity in Venice is 30 - 40%, I am sweating and the air is heavy.  Don't understand why.  Same with Barcelona.  Croatia and Slovenia were just plain hot (38+ Celsius).  Like what you'd find in Vegas.  Sheer hot air being blown from a hair dryer.  The sun is just baking you. 

Surprisingly I still haven't acclimatized back like I thought.  For the first time, D is finding temperatures warm and I'm finding things comfortable and cool even.  Since he has gotten into long distance biking, he has found his heat tolerance dropping vs running long distances.  Makes sense.  The wind with riding fast makes a big difference.

Despite our record hot summer, we've used our air conditioning significantly less compared to last year at home and up north.  A combination of a well insulated home as well as getting better with our internal heat modulation.  Even though I complained about the heat during my last trip, I'm glad to see my temperature tolerance range expanding. 


  1. Ha ha love the description of weather wimp Should be applied to anyone with the common sense to walk in the shade!

  2. That would definitely mean me then!

  3. That's why I always try to travel in May; it's usually so nice then. And I also always try to walk in the shade.