Monday, June 4, 2012

Munich in Pictures

Mini Biergarten in Viktualienmarkt.  Very pleasant hum of contentment.

There are so many types of pork products we had
to use this market bag to bone up on our smoked meats vocab.

Typical bill from our favourite meat shop, pictured 2 below.
We bought bacon, smoked pork loin and the German version of prosciutto.

The choices were bewildering.

Spargel, or asparagus, especially the white ones, are highly valued. 
I'll share our spargel story in another post.

When I decided I simply couldn't leave Munich without enjoying a
slice of black forest cake, it was the beginning of the end
for my dietary restrictions...notice the mutilated container of
whipped cream...I had gotten to it before D suggested I take a picture.
And that isn't beer I'm drinking.  It is my apfelschorle
which has the surprising consistency and temperature of beer.

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