Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Ins & Outs of the Biergarten

So what are Biergartens and Bier halls?  They are indoor and outdoor spaces full of seating (mostly picnic style tables with movable benches) for people to gather to drink and eat.  There are lots of staff dressed in traditional clothing to welcome you and take your order. 

There is no pressure to eat or drink lots but of course we did it anyways.  Some halls come with their own bavarian band.  Though I have to admit, of the ones we heard, the playing wasn't so good.  It probably sounded better the more you drink.  It was fun to cheer along with everyone. 

The biergartens open from mid May to end of Sept.  The other times of the year, you retreat to the warm atmosphere of the indoor halls which varies dramatically.  Beer halls are an extension of the brewing company. 

People choose their favourite spot based on the beer they like, not necessarily on locale.  Many are located in ancient stone buildings.  As I had said before, they serve good food, even though what shows up on your plate may not look that good.  The tastes continued to surprise us.  Not all the beer halls have english menus.

In the spring, you get to enjoy your beverage under the shade of blooming chestnut trees.  Thus the need for stein lids.  If it is a busy time, you just take an open seat and greet everybody.  It wasn't busy at our first stop.  It is much more fun when it is, like the first picture from yesterday. 

A couple of other pictures I posted were of a tunnel and a brilliant green forest view during our walk to our first biergarten (one of 4) located at the Englischer Garten.  Hard to believe shortly after exiting the uber modern tunnel, you are greeted with such lush surroundings. 


  1. My German & Dutch friends tell me their food is for farmers and helps you to work hard. Also, as you say, usually tastes better than first appearance would suggest!

  2. I would totally agree Lizzie. We call it 'peasant' food, with no real emphasis on presentation.

    They are masters at using brine and smoke to make such different and delicious tasting pork.

    It made us realize how much unnecessary sauce we use back home.