Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Art 2

Until next time, I shall leave you with some of the Art that grace our home. 
All were purchases made during weekend road trips or brought back from travels.
The pictures of my rug and calligraphy from my trip to Turkey I promised a while ago.
I will follow it up soon with a post about my legendary negotiation skills. 

 Silk on silk decorative rug from Turkey.  Turned one way, the
silk shows one colour scheme (the middle green is actually much stronger)...

...turned the other way, it shows another due to the reflection of the silk. 
It is the hallmark of silk on silk carpets. There are approx. 1000 knots per square inch.

 Beautiful Arabic calligraphy, written with bamboo.  Doesn't it look like music?
It is a blessing found in a home as well as something that is
spoken to bring peace to loved ones who have suffered loss.

 Isn't it neat how most of the painting is of a reflection?

 I skewed the camera angle so the photo could emphasize the texture and weight of the paint strokes (oil).

Found this (oil on canvas) in a tiny gallery while visiting a friend one afternoon. 
Big fan of photo realism.

We are off to visit D's Fatherland.  Back in early June.
Auf Wiedersehen!

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