Friday, February 24, 2012

What I Want?

If someone was to ask me right now what I've "always wanted", my answers would be:

  • electric curlers (since I was 7yrs old)

  • A large wooden box of professional art supplies (since I was a teenager)

  • to take one month off without guilt (since I started working)

The first 2 on the list can be achieved pretty quickly. I've just not taken action on it. The last one has been a mental hurdle for years. No idea when I'll be brave enough to make it happen.


  1. You know you just need to plan it into your schedule. Then it becomes legit. Go on, you should really do it!!!

  2. My own answers to that question have changed many times through my life. The things like curlers don't really bring lasting satisfaction, but think of the possibilities inherent in a month without work. How would you use all that wonderful time? I have been enjoying just that freedom for the past ten years! Don't lose sight of your early retirement goal. (I do have to admit that a cool wooden box for my drawing supplies would bring lasting pleasure.)

  3. Hi Kathy!

    I'm surprised I still want the curlers after all this time.

    I think it has more to do with not being allowed to focus on my looks as a little girl and the curlers have become a symbol of perceived vanity.

    Your life is very interesting! I've enjoyed reading all about your adventures.

    I might be able to squeeze out 3 weeks off in a row this year!