Friday, January 13, 2012

Travel Necessities

My passport is nearing its expiry date. In my research into faster ways to get it renewed, I stumbled upon this super visa service site which not only helps you get travel visa (for a fee of course) but has the handy chart of the world's visa requirements.

Check out the requirements for a Brazilian tourist visa for fun...

Because a lot of countries have requirements that your passport validity must extend 3 - 6 months past your departure date, I always feel like I am getting jipped 6 months. This time around, I'll be cutting it closer.

When I come home from Hawaii, I'll have 6 weeks to get a new passport before my probable next trip -- Nothing booked yet but I'm looking.

Now that I've studied the world visa chart, I've decided I'm going to tackle the countries that don't require a complicated or expensive or time consuming visa application first. Mentally I'm lumping countries into easy, moderate and hard.

It would be great to find a similar chart for travel immunization and combine the two to get a realistic view of what it will take and the real costs of going to those places.

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