Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mobile Working Possibilities

It has been a big news week. D got the OK to be able to work remote from anywhere in Canada! We have been working/waiting on this for a few years. Our heads are spinning with possibilities and we have been busy with pro/con lists as well as searching the mls.

One of the potential big issues with leaving Ontario for me is my career. It would mean retirement. I'm not keen on starting again in a different province doing what I have been doing. So that would mean more "fun" jobs what will likely pay no where close to what I've been accustomed to earning.

We have come up with a couple of "sub- full out" move away plans. I call them our chicken/toe in the water plans as a way to make liquidating assets and moving easier.

D and I have different time lines. He would like the move to happen within 3 - 5 yrs. I'm thinking asap because that is how I tend to be. But I also realize the lifestyle we have been able to enjoy with me working too.

We are planning to spend some time with Realtors found in the east and west Canada (leaning west) before making a firm decision. This is shaping up to be an extra interesting year.


  1. Well, if no one else is going to comment on this, I guess I will. This is huge news for you. I admit I am a little jealous! Sometimes I think I would be totally OK with my job if I could just work from anywhere and had about twice as many vacation weeks. I don't mind working hard, but I hate the fact that both the daily schedule and the yearly fun stuff always has to be subordinated to the corporation.

  2. Thanks S.B.!

    Yup, it is the schedule restraints that make a good income, good career seem not as good somedays.

    The hold up is me and the fact my career isn't as mobile as it first appears.

    Sure I can do what I do elsewhere but a reality is the whole "starting over" and building phase. I'm not sure I'm totally up for it right now.

    However, I'm thrilled we have this option and for D, it more than makes up for the long weekly hours and puny number of weeks off each year.

    Even if we don't move, he can spend the entire ski season out west and summers up north. Pretty cool and healthly lifestyle.