Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rude Delivery Guy

I made a complaint to Purolator yesterday. It was my 3rd encounter with an angry and rude delivery guy who is impatient and making up delivery rules I was sure wasn't true. So I called him on it as well as with customer service.

Customer service sided with me and the district manager will be getting in touch with us to resolve the issue. All I want him to do is to do his job without complaint or confrontation. His job isn't rocket science. I'm fine with never seeing him again.


  1. Good for you for following up! Not many would. I like that Purolater took you seriously, too. That shows some integrity on their part.

    Perhaps there are reasons he's rude and uncooperative, but he shouldn't be bringing them to work!

  2. Thanks! I surveyed 2 other offices around mine yesterday and they too have had similar experiences with this guy. One of the offices also filed a complaint about him last year. Sounds like he is a contender for an all around difficult person.