Friday, January 20, 2012

De Cluttering

D dropped off 2 garbage bags full of our clothing to our local donation center. He said it felt good to be free of it. I think it is a great continuation in our lives to rid ourselves of excess stuff.

Though I'm having trouble with convincing D to part with some books. Since moving over the ebook side of things, my attachment to novels have all but disappeared. However I do own a few beautiful coffee table books I will keep this time around.

Looking around our house with the mindset of potentially moving does make clutter decision making easier. It is a great exercise whether one is moving or not. We've gotten broad quotes on cost of a cross country move. Sounds like a lot to me so I'm thinking less is less.


  1. Good for you guys! I spent the past few months picking away at things and am STILL in shock at how much 'stuff' I have. Books I love - I'm not entirely onboard with the whole ebook thing yet - so I have several bookcases full of the real thing... ;)

    It does a body good to have less clutter; it frees up the energy of your space and really does take a weight off your mind. I found it a worthwhile undertaking - and it appears I need to continue! Good luck with yours!

    (PS: thank you for the comment re: my article. I appreciate that very much! :)

  2. Decluttering is an amazing feeling. Good for you two! Keep it up.

  3. @ Northern Living Allowance:

    Thank you and you are very welcome! I did managed to get D to part with one book... I now own 50.

    @ Jolie;

    Thanks! It also gets us out of the house as we walk to the library or the clothing drop boxes.